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Joey Scout Fun

Hello Joeys
It's Professor Knowledge again!

In the interests of promoting fun and frivolity I will bring you a new science experiment or craft activity for you to try at home each week.
So pick your favourite one, print out the instructions, show your parents and get started.

Once you have finished you could take a photo and send it to me via the forum

Good luck! and have fun!!!

Yours on the quest for knowledge,

Professor Knowledge

Craft Activity #1

posted 12 Jan 2013, 17:48 by Joey Mob   [ updated 12 Jan 2013, 17:50 ]

Wooden Spoon Crocodile

You will need:

  • Green paint
  • Wooden spoon
  • Craft foam in green, white, black and pink
  • Glue


1. Paint the spoon green and leave to dry.

2. When the spoon is completely dry, draw around the bowl of the spoon onto green foam and cut out. Glue to the spoon at the base of the handle only, so that the rest of the foam flaps loose to form the bottom jaw.

3. Once again draw around the spoon but this time onto the pink foam. Cut out the shape a few millimetres smaller on all sides. Glue to the inside of the bottom jaw piece, for the inside of the crocodile's mouth.

4. Cut out two sets of jagged teeth from the white foam and glue them around the curve of the spoon and to the edge of the pink foam (be sure to use the glue sparingly).

5. To make the eyes, cut out two small rectangles from green foam, shaping one end of each rectangle into a curve. Fold over the straight edges and glue to the back of the spoon so they stand up (look at the photo to see how this works). Cut out two white circles for the eyes, adding two smaller black circles as the pupils, and glue to the green foam.

6. Finally, cut a rectangle from green foam and cover with glue. Now fold it around the handle to form the tail. Carefully cut out the spikes.


Science Experiment #1

posted 14 Oct 2012, 05:25 by Joey Mob   [ updated 14 Oct 2012, 05:25 ]

Balloon powered boat

What you need

To do this activity you will need to gather:

  • a margarine container
  • a balloon
  • a straw
  • a rubber band
  • plasticine
  • scissors
  • something that will pierce the margarine container to make a hole big enough to fit a straw through.

What to do

  1. Find a clean, rectangular, margarine container and carefully make a hole in the centre of one of the shorter sides about 1 cm from the bottom.
  2. Cut a straw in half and insert one end into the neck of a balloon. Fix the balloon firmly to the straw with a rubber band.
  3. Push the straw through the hole in the marg container and seal it in place with plasticine. Weigh the back of the marg container with more plasticine in the centre. Blow the balloon up through the straw and pinch the end to keep the air inside.
  4. Put the boat in the water, let go - and away she goes.

This is an example of Newton's third law of motion - every action has an opposite and equal reaction. The air rushing out of the straw is the action, and the equal reaction is the push against the boat in the opposite direction.

Can you improve the design of your boat?


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