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Participation Scheme

The Joey Scout participation scheme is comprised of four participation badges and the Joey Scout Promise Challenge Badge.

Participation Badges

Caring and Sharing Badge
As part of a term program the Joeys will participate in four activities designed to promote caring an sharing. These activities will emphasise team work, thoughtfulness and include a small amount of community service.

Buddy Scheme Badge
For the duration of a term two mobs will become buddies and hold three to four joint activities. This badge promotes friendship and allows the Joeys to experience new activities.

Environment Challenge Badge
Joey Scouts will participate in four environmental activities with the aim of developing an appreciation for and understanding of the environment and its importance, as well as making a positive difference to the local environment. As part of the badge Joeys will also gain knowledge of local plants and wildlife.

Adventure Challenge Badge
This badge is designed to challenge the Joeys through the completion of four activities at places the Joeys would not normally visit. For example activities could include a bush walk in Namadgi National Park, canoing on Lake Tuggeranong, rock climbing, or a visit to Geoscience Australia

Promise Challenge Badge

The Promise Challenge Badge is the highest badge available for Joey Scouts to earn and is based upon a Joey Scouts individual work. Once a Joey Scout turns 7 and 1/2 years old they are eligible to complete the tasks required for the badge. The badge focuses upon the three areas of 'Duty to my God', 'Helping other People' and 'Scouting History'.

Information on the position of all badges worn on the uniform is available in the Information and Activities section.