Joeys introduces boys and girls aged 6-7 years old to the world of friendship, problem-solving and adventure through stories, games and craft activities.
Joeys is all about having fun, exploring our world and learning without even realising it, especially through the participation badge scheme. The Joey Scout Motto is HOP; Helping Other People.

At the Macarthur Scout Group we run activities every Thursday night from 6.30pm to 7.30pm during term time.

Each term usually has a theme which activities, excursions, craft, and games are run around. In the past we have run terms based on science, astronomy, different countries, ancient civilisations, the environment, civics/the community, adventurous activities such as nature walks and rock climbing, communication, Olympics, sport, pirates, knights, mythological creatures and many more. The range of age-appropriate activities we undertake is only limited by the imagination!

The ACT also runs an annual event in November called the Joey Jaunt. This event brings together all Joeys from across the ACT for a morning of exciting and fun-filled activities.

Feel free to check out the other parts of the site or to contact us via email on if you'd like to come down one night and try us out.
For more information on the Macarthur Scout Group please contact the Group Leader Ian Hewitt at or browse the website:

The process for joining and becoming a full member is:
  1. Come down for a few nights and try us out
  2. Have fun!
  3. Fill out a membership application form
  4. On receipt of an invoice from the Group Treasurer, arrange for the payment of fees
  5. Purchase a Joey Scout shirt (like the one on the right) from the online Scouts Shop.
  6. Attend the investiture ceremony (this will be held as part of the term program)
Please note: The scarf and badges will be provided at the investiture ceremony.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours in Scouting,

Richard Perry
Joey Scout Leader
Macarthur Scout Group