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Term 2 underway

posted 22 May 2014, 04:59 by Joey Mob
Welcome back, Joeys, to Term 2 2014!

This term our theme is 'transport'. During the term, we'll be looking at all the ways that people and things move around today, how things were moved years ago, and perhaps we'll look at how things might be in the future! Please accept our apologies for not getting a calendar out - the program has been very wiggly and jiggly and just wouldn't be settled down!

In keeping with the transport theme for our term, we've got two exciting transport excursions planned this term! First up, we're going to go bike riding together at the Stromlo Forest Park Criterium Circuit. Bikes are so good! They're fun to ride, they don't pollute the air, they keep you fit, health and strong, they're quiet, they don't cost as much as cars to buy or run and they don't contribute to traffic congestion! What's not to like about bikes, especially if you can go riding with your Joey friends? Later, we'll learn how to catch a bus in Canberra by looking up the timetable and maps, and catch a bus from the hall to McDonald's by the lake in Tuggeranong! Fun!!

This term, we also going to commence work on our Buddy Badges, but 'work' isn't the right word ... it will be even more fun! We're going to do some joint activities with two other Joey mobs and make some great new friends along the way. We're going to visit the Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts Joey Mob and they will come visit us a little later in term, and we'll also visit the Les Explorateurs Les Petits Lutins Joey Mob in Ainslie, and next term they'll visit us! We also have an exciting excursion and sleepover planned for later in the year in conjunction with our new friends! We can't wait! Ask your parents to look out for the activity consent forms in their email!

This term, we'll bidding farewell to our oldest Joey who's linking with the Cub pack. It's an exciting progression for this special Joey, and it's a progression that you, Joeys, can all look forward to doing soon enough. Cubs is a whole new world of fun, friendship and adventure!

Lastly, we need all of our current Joeys and their families to spread the word about Joeys to help build our numbers. With a number of Joeys to be linking to cubs soon, we need to ensure there are more coming in.

Puggle and I are excited about the term ahead. We hope you are too!

Yours in scouting,