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Welcome to Term 3!

posted 13 Jul 2015, 04:49 by Joey Mob   [ updated 13 Jul 2015, 04:53 ]

We have another exciting term of activities ahead for you! We're carrying-on our winter format of fortnightly weekend activities (usually on a Saturday afternoon) as we feel we can provide a more stimulating program this way.

This term, we'll start on Saturday 25 July with a bushwalk to Booroomba Rocks. Later, we'll do another walk along the Murrumbidgee River! We're going to do some geocaching where we'll learn to use compasses and GPS (and find tasty treats hidden around the place), we'll make and fly some kites and we'll visit Cotter Dam! We'll be learning and having lots of fun as we go.

As well, there is the Family Camp over the weekend of 8-9 August at Cabramurra (and aren't we glad for the recent snow!), the South Region Joeys Campfire at Camp Cottermouth (Friday 31 July), and for those who got in early enough, there's also the Reach for the Stars astronomy night at Mt Stromlo Observatory on Saturday 15 August.

During the term, we'll progress our badgework and hopefully we'll all come away with a new Challenge Badge!

If you are interested in joining us, we welcome new members. Please email joeys@macarthurscouts.org.au or phone Numbat at 0414920097.

A big change for Macarthur Joeys!

posted 11 Jun 2015, 04:02 by Joey Mob

We want Joeys to be fresh and engaging for your child, and during the cooler months, this can be difficult at times as we're mainly confined to hall-based activities due to the cold and dark of weekday nights. So, we're making a change. From now until the end of Term 3, Macarthur Joeys will meet fortnightly on weekends (generally Saturday afternoons). We will no longer meet on Thursday evenings. Reactions from parents have been almost universally very positive! We're looking forward to doing more activities outdoors, which is the classroom of choice of Scouting's founder, Lord Baden-Powell. 

Ahead of Term 4, we'll discuss whether we will resume weekly weeknight meetings or if we will continue with fortnightly weekend activities.

This month is a big one for us. This coming Saturday afternoon (13 June), we're walking from the Australian National Botanic Gardens to the summit of Black Mountain and back again! 

At the end of term, we're cycling around Lake Burley Griffin, and then catching a bus back to the hall for a really fun campfire and sleepover! This event will also be our commemoration of 25 years of Joey Scouts in Australia!

So, unless you're doing something more fun than that, why not join us?

Contact us at joeys@macarthurscouts.org.au

Welcome to Term 2

posted 26 Apr 2015, 04:22 by Joey Mob

Welcome to another term of fun and learning! This term, our theme is 'Discover Sound', and many of our activities and games this term will revolve around this theme. We'll be singing, making music, making noise, experiencing silence, exploring the science of sound and much more! 

The highlight of this term will be a sleepover at the hall planned for the weekend of 11-12 June, so please mark your calendars now.

Meerkat and I look forward to welcoming your Joeys back this coming Thursday 30 April at 6.30pm.

If you're interested in trying Joeys, please contact us at joeys@macarthurscouts.org.au. We'd love to welcome you!

Yours in scouting

Joey Scout Leader

We start again on Thursday 5 February 2015!

posted 28 Jan 2015, 20:22 by Joey Mob

Welcome back everyone! I hope you have all had fun over the school holidays. Did you get outside into the great outdoors with your families and friends? These holidays, my family has enjoyed camping with friends, some kayaking and liloing down a river, some body surfing and body boarding at the beach, and some fun on the trails with our mountain bikes! We also had a lovely Christmas Day visiting family and friends. What did you do? Make sure you have some answers, because I'll be asking when we meet again!

This term, our weekly meetings start again on Thursday 5 February at the Macarthur Scout Hall in Coyne Street, Macarthur. We'll start at our regular time of 6.30pm and generally will run for an hour. 

Our theme this term is 'Caring and Sharing'. Does that sound familiar? It should, because Joey Scouts care and Joeys Scouts share - it's all part of the Joey Scout motto of HOP - Helping Other People. If you participate in all the key activities, you'll have earned your Joey Scout Caring and Sharing Challenge badge! This term, we're exploring all the ways we can make our caring and sharing better, meet with others in the community who do a lot of caring and sharing, and we'll be having lots of fun as we do it! And guess what? We're going to the Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter base! We'll get to look at the helicopter up close and meet with the people who have made it their job to help others in trouble! We'll do lots more as well throughout the term. I hope you're looking forward to it!

Did you know that this year is the 25th year of Joey Scouts in Australia? Scouts has been in Australia a lot longer, but Joey Scouts started 25 years ago. So, later in the year, look out for some exciting activities as we commemorate this big milestone! I'm sure you agree that it's a good thing that Joey Scouts was started because it is great fun!

If you're considering whether Joeys is for you and your child, please visit us! Provided your child is aged 6 or 7, you're welcome to trial Joey Scouts with us for up to three weeks before deciding whether to join. We're looking to grow our Joey Scout section this term, and new faces and new ideas are always welcome. Please contact me to let me know to expect you, and to confirm that we're going to be at the Scout Hall because we often meet at other locations for activities and excursions. If you'd like to speak with me about Joey Scouts, or if you have questions, please contact me outside of our meeting times because my focus must be on the Joeys when our meetings are underway. Email me at joeys [at] macarthurscouts.org.au (insert @ in place of [at]) or phone me on 0414 920 097.

I'm looking forward to a terrific 2015 - I hope you are too!

Yours in Scouting

Joey Scout Leader
Macarthur Scout Group

We're out and about this week!

posted 5 Nov 2014, 20:57 by Joey Mob

If you're thinking of visiting us to try Joeys this Thursday, please be aware that there will be no one at the hall this week! 

This week, we're enjoying an exciting short walking along the Murrumbidgee River.

Please call or email our Joey Leader, Richard Perry, to discuss when the best opportunity may be for you and your child to visit. 

Adventure awaits in Term 4!

posted 7 Oct 2014, 04:55 by Joey Mob

After some beautiful Spring weather over the school holidays, it's nearly time to get into Term 4 at Macarthur Scout Group. 

This term is again going to be educational, fun and exciting! Our theme will be 'adventure', and we're organising lots of activities away from the hall to take advantage of daylight savings and the warmer weather. We're going to host a visit from our friends at the French speaking Les Explorateurs Joey Scouts, and twice visit our other friends at Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts (and hopefully get into the canoes!). We'll go for a treasure hunt walk along the Murrumbidgee corridor, and learn some useful campcraft skills too! 

Our first night back will be on Thursday 16th October at 6:30pm - 7:30pm at the Macarthur Scout Group Hall, next to the MPowerDome on Coyne Street.

The program for Term 4 will be published shortly, but as with previous terms,  will be subject to change as opportunities and invitations to do even more exciting things often emerge.

See you soon at the hall! 

Yours in Scouting 

Richard Perry 
Joey Scout Leader 
Macarthur Scout Group 

Not at the hall Thursday 11 September!

posted 8 Sept 2014, 19:44 by Joey Mob

For the information of any prospective visitors, the Macarthur Joey Scouts Boomer Mob will not be meeting at the hall on Thursday 11 September because we have an excursion to the Australian National Botanic Gardens and a sleepover with the Les Explorateurs' Petits Lutins (French-speaking Joey mob) this coming Saturday and Sunday, with lots of fun and educational activities, camp fires, cooking, games and new friendships.

If you're interested in visiting us at the hall to give Joey Scouting a try, please email us at joeys@macarthurscouts.org.au to confirm our whereabouts and we'll be sure to help you!

New start time!

posted 21 Aug 2014, 04:30 by Joey Mob

The Macarthur Scout Group Joey Mob has made a small change to our meeting time. Our new starting time is 6.30pm and we finish at 7.30pm, most Thursdays during school term. We feel this is a good compromise which allows time to have dinner with the family prior to coming to Joeys without making it too late an evening for our young Joeys. We hope this new time works better for our Joey families!

Numbat & Puggle

Thinking of joining us?

posted 25 Jun 2014, 05:05 by Joey Mob

If you're visiting our site because you're curious about what Scouting offers your 6 or 7 year old child, we encourage you to get in touch! We're actively recruiting new families and children to the Macarthur Scout Group Joey mob, and would love you to come and try us out! There's no need to wait until the start of Term 3.

Just a word of caution before you bundle into the car one chilly Thursday night - our program this term has been particularly exciting with activities away from the hall and this will continue with our last activity for Term 2 featuring campfire cooking away from the hall! Please let us know if you're thinking of coming to visit - we'd love to see you - but we'd hate to miss you because we're away! Send an email to joeys@macarthurscouts.org.au and we'll get back to you quickly!

In term 3, our theme will be exploring colour and light. We're working hard on an exciting, fun and educational program for the joeys, and it will be posted here when it's ready. Among the activities we're planning in Term 3 is going to be a super-exiting excursion to explore the colours of the Botanic Gardens with our French-speaking joey friends from the Les Explorateurs group! We'll then catch public transport all the way to their hall in Ainslie, where we're planning a terrific sleep-over complete with yummy food, fun games and a movie projected onto the ceiling! 

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Yours in Scouting

Numbat & Puggle

Term 2 underway

posted 22 May 2014, 04:59 by Joey Mob

Welcome back, Joeys, to Term 2 2014!

This term our theme is 'transport'. During the term, we'll be looking at all the ways that people and things move around today, how things were moved years ago, and perhaps we'll look at how things might be in the future! Please accept our apologies for not getting a calendar out - the program has been very wiggly and jiggly and just wouldn't be settled down!

In keeping with the transport theme for our term, we've got two exciting transport excursions planned this term! First up, we're going to go bike riding together at the Stromlo Forest Park Criterium Circuit. Bikes are so good! They're fun to ride, they don't pollute the air, they keep you fit, health and strong, they're quiet, they don't cost as much as cars to buy or run and they don't contribute to traffic congestion! What's not to like about bikes, especially if you can go riding with your Joey friends? Later, we'll learn how to catch a bus in Canberra by looking up the timetable and maps, and catch a bus from the hall to McDonald's by the lake in Tuggeranong! Fun!!

This term, we also going to commence work on our Buddy Badges, but 'work' isn't the right word ... it will be even more fun! We're going to do some joint activities with two other Joey mobs and make some great new friends along the way. We're going to visit the Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts Joey Mob and they will come visit us a little later in term, and we'll also visit the Les Explorateurs Les Petits Lutins Joey Mob in Ainslie, and next term they'll visit us! We also have an exciting excursion and sleepover planned for later in the year in conjunction with our new friends! We can't wait! Ask your parents to look out for the activity consent forms in their email!

This term, we'll bidding farewell to our oldest Joey who's linking with the Cub pack. It's an exciting progression for this special Joey, and it's a progression that you, Joeys, can all look forward to doing soon enough. Cubs is a whole new world of fun, friendship and adventure!

Lastly, we need all of our current Joeys and their families to spread the word about Joeys to help build our numbers. With a number of Joeys to be linking to cubs soon, we need to ensure there are more coming in.

Puggle and I are excited about the term ahead. We hope you are too!

Yours in scouting,


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